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Nanny Service
TOFine's professional service network and experienced service engineers will provide you professional and efficient service at each stage from maintenance and repair to technical upgrading, from system design to commissioning and commissioning.
About us
Hangzhou Automation Technology Research Institute
Founded in 1975, Hangzhou Automation Technology Research Institute is the earliest scientific research institute in Zhejiang to engage in automation, computer, information and communication technology R&D, system integration and high-tech product R&D. In 2002, we completed a restructuring, formed ToFine Technology, realized the strategic leap from a state-owned research institute to a high-tech enterprise. With Zhejiang Industrial Automation Engineering Test Base, Zhejiang Industrial Automation Public Service Platform’s Test Sub-Platform, Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center for Intelligent Sensors and Automation Equipment, Zhejiang High-Tech Service Enterprise Technology Center and other provincial innovation platforms, we have grasped the core technologies in automation, informatization, robotics, equipment manufacturing, sensors and Internet of Things. Over the past years, we have finished more than 20 national key sci-tech projects, made more than 160 scientific research achievements, won more than 100 national, ministerial, military, provincial and municipal awards.
Automation system solution provider
TOFine is a high-tech group enterprise that specializes in automation system R&D, design, integration, manufacturing and implementation. On the important mission of technology transfer, marketization, industrialization, we have established a Provincial High-Tech Enterprise R&D Center for Industrial Automation Systems, a support and service system formed by the headquarters in Hangzhou and multiple regional centers around China.
CopyRight ? 2017 ToFine 浙ICP備11012317號
CopyRight?2017 ToFine 浙ICP備11012317號
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